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...to a new world of possibilities. Do you think that we can find out why things happen? Do you ever wonder if there is a way to explore the forces that shape our world? You may be familiar with how the Moon travels through the signs of the Zodiac and appears to influence people's moods. But did you know that the planet Pluto is now in Capricorn and is associated with reform of our institutions? This could mean a big change in how we deal with medical care and insurance companies. How does this affect your life?

As an art and a science, astrology has captivated the minds of many. I have been studying and practicing astrology for over thirty years, with medical astrology* a major focus of my work.

BOOK UPDATE! The completely revised edition of Dictionary of Medical Astrology is now available on Amazon.com. Click here to get it.

Workshop: MEDICAL ASTROLOGY INTENSIVE. I recently did an indepth workshop on medical astrology. For more details on having me give a workshop at your facility, click here.

Saturn is in Sagittarius for a stay of just over two years. How can you benefit from knowing about Saturn? Saturn is generally associated with restrictions, limitations, delays and authority. If Saturn plays a significant role in your chart, a change of signs can herald important events in your life - challenges as well as opportunities to make a new start. Contact me to find out how you can take advantage of Saturn's presence in Sagittarius.

Are you affected by stress? Then wouldn't you like to know which planets are associated with increased stress during certain times of the year? When Mercury goes "retrograde" everything related to communications, computers and travel tends to go haywire. Besides Mercury, Mars and Venus also require our attention albeit less frequently. I can help you find out when each afflicts your chart so that you can prepare yourself.

Let's not forget about the effect of the Uranus Pluto square that is happening for the next few years. My article is available on Amazon.com. Click here to get it for your Kindle or Kindle app.

The Ingress, an NCGR publication, featured my article Pluto in Capricorn. Click here to read about Pluto's journey in Capricorn and how it promises to be a catalyst for reform in our institutions. (Adobe PDF, 1MB) While many things may remain a mystery, it is always exciting to explore how much we can discover. So contact me now to find out how astrology can benefit you.

+, diane at dianecramer.com

On the Site

Make yourself familiar with medical astrology, order a reading for yourself or a loved one. They make great and memorable birthday and holiday gifts!

In the store you will find my books as well as transcripts from many of the lectures on medical astrology I have given over the years, and also those from Bob Marks, my dear colleague. Get my new article on Colon Disorders because it's a valuable addition to your study of medical astrology.

Find out how you can get your own personalized health reading and six-month astrological health forecast: the Health-O-Scope. Diane is available for lectures and speaking engagements, for private consultations and instruction. To contact Diane call +1-212-288-6232 or send her an e-mail.

*  Please read the disclaimer


Diane Cramer offers personal astrology consultations based on your individual birth horoscope.  Diane's analysis of a chart focuses on relationships, career, health and other indications of the planets in their signs and houses in your personal horoscope. She describes how you could best use your resources in the particular area that is the primary focus of the reading.

Diane offers telephone and in-person readings in her office in New York City, and as a convenient mp3 audio file that you can play on your iPhone/iPad or any mp3 compatible player.

Telephone consultations with Diane are available on weekdays during daytime and evening hours of US Time Zones—usually between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm Eastern Time. Your consultation will be about an hour and a half in length so please plan your schedule accordingly. If the consultation is expected to take longer,  Diane can set a time with you to make another appointment.

Below is an overview of the readings that Diane provides. All chart interpretations and health readings require an accurate date and time plus location of birth. If you don't have access to this information, please click here to contact Diane prior to submitting payment. Readings are provided as a downloadable mp3 file for playback on any mp3 compatible device, including iPhone/iPad, unless otherwise specified. All prices are in U.S. dollars.


Six-Months Forecast
The Six Months Forecast reading focuses on the high points of the next six months in your life. It is like a weather forecast in that you can see what type of planetary activity is ahead for you. Astrology predictions can be like describing the weather: sunny, cloudy, foggy, unpredictable, stormy, turbulent, etc. You will receive a typed report via email and an mp3 recording explaining the information. Important cycles that occur beyond the six month period are outlined as well. US$90.00
Six-Months Forecast PLUS
The Six Months Forecast PLUS reading includes the dailies: Mercury, Venus, Mars. This is exactly the same report as the Six Months Forecast with the addition of the planetary activity of the inner planets Mercury, Venus and Mars. Using the inner planets is useful for planning appointments. There is not necessarily activity every day of the week but using the inner planets can provide a lot more information. US$125.00
The Health-O-Scope is a unique form of astrology pioneered by Diane that focuses on issues of health—physical and mental—in an effort to aid your well-being on a daily basis. You will know in advance how important planetary configurations and placements can affect both your own health and that of the world at large. For more information on this combo package of health reading and forecast, click here. Make sure you have an accurate birth date and time, as well as location of birth available for your reading. US$175
Natal Chart Interpretation with
Six-Month Forecast
This is an interpretation of your astrological chart at birth including personality and mental characteristics, vocational attributes, and love and romance. Included is a six months forecast. The reading is provided as an mp3 file and usually lasts between sixty to ninety minutes. An accurate date, time and location of birth are required. Click here to order. US$210
Solar Return Interpretation
The solar return is a chart calculated to your sun’s return each year on your birthday. It gives you an overview of the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead. The information is provided as a downloadable mp3 file of between 30 to 60 minutes in duration. Click here to order. Make sure you provide an accurate birth date and time, the place of birth as well as the location where you expect to celebrate your birthday.* US$100
Synastry Report
This is a comprehensive analysis of two people – it can be any type of relationship: love, business and anything in beween. It includes a comparison of the natal birth charts, a chart of the relationship, and an analysis of specifics relevant to the natal chart depending on what type of reading is ordered. Click here to order. Make sure you provide an accurate time and date of birth for both people, as well as their birthplace.* US$180
Health Reading
This is an analysis of the natal chart which includes your bodily strengths and weaknesses, proneness to specific disease states, and nutritional information. A forecast is also included that will point out times of stress or weakened vitality. For more information on medical astrology, click here. Click here to order your health reading now. Accurate time, date and place of birth is required. US$210

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How to Schedule a Consultation

Contact Diane Cramer at +1 212-288-6232 or click here to order your chart and reading. Include your birth date, time and place, including state/province and country. If Diane has questions about your data, she will contact you prior to the reading.

Private Instruction

Are you ready to take your interest in astrology to a new level? Diane gives private instruction for the NCGR exams: chart calculation and interpretation, predictive techniques, computation and the use of midpoints. Special focus on medical astrology and the use of astrology software. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Call her at +1 212-288-6232 for rates and schedules.



"You did an amazing job. The reading is incredibly accurate. None of my closest friends or relatives could have told me so much about myself…the birth chart reading is IMPRESSIVE."
Virginia D., Paris, France

"The electional chart was great. My husband was especially entertained by how accurate it was :) Thank you so much. [...] I'm going to order the relationship one next!"
Amber, Oregon

"...your reading [is]
terrific--thoughtful, insightful, and educational. I feel like I have new tools
to help me navigate the waters in my relationship, and I also have
greater knowledge about my own nature. Thank you so much for this."
Christi, LA, California

"...I had a successful placement of my gastric lap-band on Feb 28th. Came thru surgery very very well ... and was discharged the next day. Thank-you so very much for allowing me to access your expertise in surgery date selection. Words can't express how I feel, and I want you to know that you were an integral part of a long process toward my new "birth date"!"
DS, Washington

“Just the kind of information I was looking
for. You are right on target.”G.F., Penns.

“I loved my solar return
reading. I'm ordering one for this year's birthday.
C.W., Portland, ME

“In reference to when she would start to feel healed from a broken ankle: "You gave me hope that I'll get better. I was so depressed I could barely go on. I feel so much better." She then
reported that she felt better at the indicated time.” S.G., Brooklyn, NY

“I can't believe it has been six months already since I
received your fabulous astro reading and forecast! Could you please tell me how to order a forecast for the next six months?” H.H., Providence, RI

"The tape of my solar return is great! Thank you so much." J.S., Duluth, GA

Link to Articles by Bob Marks

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Dictionary of Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology and Schizophrenia


Consultation Options and Fees

  • Six Months Forecast: $90.00
  • Six Months Forecast-Plus: $125.00
  • Natal Chart Interpretation: $210.00
  • Health-O-Scope™: $175.00
  • Synastry Report: $180.00
  • Solar Return Interpretation: $100.00
  • Health Reading: $210.00

All prices in U.S. dollars. Click here to order and make a payment.


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Disclaimer: The material presented on and linked to the dianecramer.com Web site (the "Site") is for informational and entertainment purposes only and it does not replace nor is it to be used for the purpose of a medical diagnosis. Diane Cramer is not a licensed physician or medical doctor. For a medical diagnosis, see a licensed medical doctor or physician. All prices are in U.S. dollars and subject to change without prior notice.



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