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Diane Cramer

Diane gives frequent lectures on medical and general astrology at conferences and special events. She has made her most popular transcripts available for purchase here. Titles include Workplace Stress, Astrology & Weight Loss, and How to Identify Heart Disease in the Natal Chart. Read sample pages from each article by clicking on the 'look inside' link.

Note: All articles and transcripts are in Adobe's PDF format. May require Adobe Reader on a conventional desktop or notebook computer. Instructions available after checkout. All prices are in U.S. dollars and subject to change without prior notice.

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LECTURE PACKAGE: Medical Astrology
Buy seventeen lecture transcripts plus three articles together in one convenient purchase. Each of Diane's lectures and articles listed below is included. Price: only US$48.95, a discount of more than 80% off the regular price. Comes in a compressed, Zip archive of individual PDFs. Adobe Reader required.

LECTURE PACKAGE: Chart Interpretation
Get 4 articles at once and delve into Chart Interpretation with Bob Marks and Diane Cramer. Included are The Singleton, Harmonics, the Houses in Medical Astrology and Sensitive Points in the Chart, each offering unique insights. Improve your astrological expertise with an understanding of the Ascendant, MC, Sun, Moon, Nodes and the Vertex. See how singletons affect charts. Learn how to read harmonics. These four lectures by Diane and Bob will give you added tools to improve your ability to interpret a chart. US$21.95

Medical Astrology & Schizophrenia NEW!
Schizophrenia is often considered a serious disorder of the mind and brain. Let Diane take you on a quest for the astrological indicators. Case studies included. For serious students of astrology only...
(30 pages | look inside) US$9.98

Medical Astrology & Schizophrenia

Cosmetic Surgery: an Astrological Examination
Thinking about cosmetic surgery? "Cosmetic Surgery - an astrological examination" may just have the answers to your questions. Included are astrological significators that you need to be aware of in your chart. Diane takes you through case studies of successful and botched surgeries, for ordinary people and celebrities alike.
(37 pages | look inside) US$12.97

Cosmetic Surgery - An Astrological Examination
Ad for Bob Marks articles Quote How the Planets Interact
The Astrological Chart as Indicator of Disease
Learn the secrets to good health based on your chart and the rules of medical astrology. Find out how the planets and signs interact in the natal chart to determine strength and weakness in the body. This timely article gives you a quick course in medical astrology. A useful table of Mars and Saturn in the signs provides invaluable information on the over and underworked and areas of the body. Also included is a table listing all the signs of the zodiac with remedies relevant to each particular sign.
(17 pages | look inside) US$12.97

The Lunar Nodes in Medical Astrology
Learn the influence of the Nodes in terms of health. This article is a survey of the astrological literature in connection with the Nodes in medical astrology. It is filled with chart examples to illustrate the Nodes in signs, houses, and aspect formation.
(42 pages | look inside) US$12.97

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Lunar Nodes in Medical Astrology

The Astrology of Weight Loss - What your Chart could tell you about your Body
In this breakthrough lecture Diane explores the connection between astrology and body weight. Learn about the attributes of each sign of the zodiac in relation to food, diet and exercise. Diane gives you invaluable information on how you can utilize the qualities of your Sun sign to manage your weight. You will also get insight on how to recognize a weight problem in the natal chart. Find out how planetary combinations and placements can be used as a guide to losing weight. Included are eight chart interpretations describing real case studies.

(38 pages | look inside) US$16.97
Purchase it now, and get a FREE bonus article, The Astrology of Sun Signs to Improve Your Health.

Astrology of Weight Loss
  Quote Weight Loss

Sensitive Points in the Astrological Chart
This lecture is geared to the beginning astrologer and covers the sensitive points in the chart: the Ascendant, MC, Sun, Moon, Nodes and the Vertex. Each of these is described in great detail to give you a thorough look and greater understanding of these important points in the birth chart. These points are personally descriptive as they are based on the moment of birth. Because these points move very quickly they help to distinguish one one person from another.

The good and bad times in life all have a lot to do with what goes on when one of the outers planet aspects a personal point in your chart.
(30 pages | look inside) US$12.97

The Astrology of Colon Disorders: analyzing duration and severity of disease
In this original article, Diane uses the charts of individuals who experienced colon disorders to analyze severity and duration of disease. You will learn how to identify various disorders associated with the colon and methods to determine severity and duration of disease. (32 pages | look inside) US$12.97
Astrology of Colon Disorders
The Houses in Medical Astrology
The houses in the chart have meanings unique to medical astrology.  Understanding their significance in medical astrology offers another useful tool for analyzing health in the natal chart.  This lecture includes information on the houses both individually and in combination.  Chart examples are provided for further illustration. (34 pages | look inside) US$12.97
Astrology of Colon Disorders

The Planets in Medical Astrology
Diane gives you an in-depth explanation of the meanings of the planets in medical astrology. The article includes chart examples showing the planets in action in both the natal chart and by prediction. You will learn about six major health midpoints and how to interpret them in a chart. There is also information on how to put aspect configurations together to determine their effect on health.

The Planets in Medical Astrology gives invaluable information to help improve your skills in medical astrology. (24 pages | look inside) US12.97

Health of the Nation ad Quote Improve Your Health with Astrology
Improve Your Health with Astrology
In this informative lecture on medical astrology you will be able to quickly hone in on weaknesses or deficiencies in your chart. Diane gives you several chart examples from famous people to explain the techniques covered in the lecture. (14 pages | look inside) US$9.98

Rebalancing with the Elements & Modes
This informative lecture on medical astrology teaches you how to determine the elements and modes in your chart using a point system. The elements fire, earth, air and water are defined in terms of excess or lack. Remedies for too much of an element or a lack of an element are given and the modes or quadruplicities are explained in terms of personality and health issues.

What are you missing in your knowledge on nutrition and medical astrology? This is one of Diane's most popular lectures. Available only here.
(19 pages | look inside) US$12.97


Practical Approaches to Medical Astrology
In this important lecture on medical astrology you will learn several techniques that enable you to quickly hone in on potential health disorders so that you can take preventative measures. Discover how the elements fire, earth, air and water relate to health and how to determine if you have an excess or a lack of an element in your own chart. Get information on how to balance the elements in terms of diet and lifestyle changes.

Diane discusses the role of the planets in determining disease in great detail and gives you several chart examples. Find out what you are missing in your medical astrology toolkit.

(29 pages | look inside) US$12.97

The Astrology of Heart Disease
In this invaluable lecture on heart disease, Diane describes the various types of disorders associated with the heart and how to identify them in the natal chart. (26 pages | look inside) US$16.97

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Astrology of Colon Disorders
  Quote Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress - How to Recognize It; How to Treat It
Are you suffering under a heavy workload? Do you want to achieve a more balanced lifestyle? In this lecture on medical astrology Diane Cramer discusses the role of stress and how it affects health from an astrological perspective.

You will learn: how to identify alkalinity and acidity in the chart in terms of diet and lifestyle; the needs of your sun sign in terms of job satisfaction; and how to deal with stressful planetary transits.

Astrology of Colon Disorders

Diane discusses the elements of air, water, earth and fire in relation to job related stress. You also get useful information on the transits of Saturn through Pluto in the work houses and a discussion of the role of the inner transits in terms of stress. The article ends with examples of how to use each planet in terms of treatment. Included are several charts of famous people as examples of how stress affects each sign of the zodiac.

Buy this article because it can help you understand what to do about stress.
(33 pages | look inside) US$9.98

Predictions & Your Health
Diane introduces you to the use of cell salts, homeopathic remedies and herbs in connection with your astrological chart. For those of you looking to find natural remedies for various transits, progressions or directions, this informative lecture lists specific planetary combinations and associated homeopathic remedies or herbs that could be useful.

Find out everything about the twelve tissue salts and how each corresponds to a sign in the Zodiac.

(20 pages | look inside) US$9.98

Predictions and Your Health

Mental Aberrations in Medical Astrology
This invaluable lecture in medical astrology by Diane Cramer teaches you how to recognize mental disorders in the natal chart through the use of astrological significators and chart examples. Included is a review of the major astrological configurations involved in mental disorders as discussed by top astrologers as well as the use of midpoints and planets in declination.

Diane gives you definitions and chart examples that include depression, schizophrenia, manic depression, paranoia and multiple personality disorder. A bibliography of astrology books with information on mental disorders will aid you in further research.
(27 pages | look inside) US$12.97

Staying Alive & Healthy with Astrology
Explore how addictions, weaknesses and stressors show in the natal chart. Learn to to identify astrological indicators for obesity, alcoholism and drug addiction. Diane gives you information on Saturn and Neptune in each sign. The placements of these planets especially could help you recognize weak points in the body.

Get to know the importance of the elements of fire, earth, air and water in determining health. Explore the role of the three modes: cardinal, fixed and mutable and which types of disease are associated with each.
(32 pages | look inside) US$16.97

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Staying Alive and Health with Astrology
  Quote Take Control of Your Body

Take Control of Your Body
Learn the relationship between personality traits and health. You will find out the role of the elements and the quadruplicities in determining strengths and weaknesses in the body. Diane shows you a new way to find health disorders by using the South Nodal Chart. This special chart is a valuable adjunct to the natal chart in locating weak points in the body. It is also a useful tool for people who do not have their exact birth time.

The article concludes with a discussion of the number one cause of death in the United States: heart disease. You will learn how to identify heart disease in the natal chart as you work with the included examples. Get this article because it could give you much new insight in what you don't know about your own body.
(27 pages | look inside) US$12.97

Nutritional Needs in the Natal Chart
Learn how to use the natal chart to identify skin problems, constipation, female problems, digestive disorders, gum complaints, hardening of the arteries and more in relation to nutritional deficiencies and planetary significators. Diane shows you how to recognize deficiency states in the birth chart. Explore how you could determine a chart's strengths and weaknesses based on the elements of fire, earth, air and water.

Each planet is explained in relation to nutrition with extra information given on Mars and Saturn in the signs. Included is a valuable bibliography for further study. Get this article because you could find out what you are missing in your diet. (23 pages | look inside) US$12.97

Tools in Medical Astrology

Get an introduction to three special chart interpretation methods. Very useful for the beginning to intermediate astrologer as well as the health care professional. You will learn how to:

  • utilize the anatomical correspondences—the meaning of the degrees of zodiac in medical terms,
  • read and understand a decumbiture chart—a chart for the moment of a diagnosis or the moment you take ill, and
  • use solar and lunar eclipses in times of illness.

(30 pages | look inside) US$12.97

Tools in Medical Astrology Cover

FREE - Thanksgiving Special - The Astrology of Sun Signs to Improve Your Health
An excellent introduction to using your natal chart to improve your health. Diane covers all the signs from Aries to Pisces. (19 pages | click to download) US$2.98FREE

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Tools in Medical Astrology Cover
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