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Lecture Transcripts from BOB MARKS

For more than 30 years, Bob Marks has been the producer and host of the longest continuously running TV show on astrology in the USA, Astrology Now on New York City's cable television. Bob frequently speaks at conferences of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR). Lecture topics include Solar Returns, The Astrology of World Events, Helping Clients Through National and World Crises and more.

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Quote about Solar Returns

Buy all of Bob's ten lecture transcripts listed below in one convenient package:

  • Helping Clients Through National and World Crises;
  • The Passage of Saturn and Pluto;
  • The Astrology of World Events;
  • The Astrology of Murderers & Serial Killers;
  • Beyond Davidsons and Composites;
  • Uranus The Shocker;
  • Grim Reaper Meets the Lord of the Underworld: The Story of Saturn and Pluto;
  • The Singleton in Astrology;
  • The Astrology of Harmonics; and
  • The Astrology of Solar Returns

Each of the transcripts below is included PLUS his lecture on How to Become a Professional Astrologer. PDF format. Only US$29.70, a savings of 77% off the individual price.

Chart Interpretation with Diane Cramer & Bob Marks

Get 3 articles at once and delve into Chart Interpretation with Bob Marks and Diane Cramer. Included are The Singleton, Harmonics by Bob Marks and Sensitive Points in the Chart by Diane Cramer, each offering unique insights. Improve your astrological expertise with an understanding of the Ascendant, MC, Sun, Moon, Nodes and the Vertex. See how singletons affect charts. Learn how to read harmonics. These three lectures by Diane and Bob will give you added tools to improve your ability to interpret a chart. Only US$21.95


Helping Clients Through National and World Crises
In times of chaos, what do you do for a client? Bob Marks takes you on a whirlwind tour of historic and current events. Find out how Uranus and Pluto and their passage through time indicate times of crises on a national and global scale. Use his timely advice in your own practice to help your client better weather the storms.
(36 pages | look inside ) US$7.95

Quote About Cycles

The Passage of Saturn and Pluto
In this timely and fascinating article taken from a recent lecture Bob takes you through major planetary cycles pointing out important historical events bringing you up to date on present and future cycles. Bob's insights on the present Saturn-Pluto square and analysis of the coming T-Square of 2010 are very informative and perceptive.
(30 pages plus appendix | look inside ) US$7.95

The Astrology of World Events
Who says learning history can’t be fun? In this insightful lecture on the astrology of world events, Bob’s wit, intelligence and astrological expertise are used to guide you through major world events as well as the birth of major historical figures. You will gain a new understanding of past times as Bob correlates the timeline of planets entering and leaving signs and in aspect to each other with major events and turning points in history.

You will learn how astrology helps you to predict future events from seeing what has happened in the past. And if it were possible, you would hear the laughter from the audience as Bob brings the subject matter down to earth in both a knowledgeable and entertaining way.
(32 pages | look inside) US$12.97


The Astrology of Murderers & Serial Killers
Bob reveals the results of many years of analysis of the charts of murderers and serial killers. You will study these charts with horrid fascination as Bob describes each killer's "motivation" from an astrological perspective. (37 pages | look inside) US$12.97

Quote About Relationship Charts

Beyond Davidsons & Composites
This fascinating lecture covers the lives of the Clintons, Phil and Brynn Hartman and others. Bob goes beyond astrological synastry to show the value of relationship charts and even introduces a chart of his own making—the Marks chart—to show the effect of the relationship on each person. Bob explains the techniques with many chart examples that can be used for further study. (33 pages | look inside) US$12.97

Uranus the Shocker
Using mundane astrology Bob Marks illustrates the effects of the planet Uranus in the past and the present. Covering cloning, US history and economic crises his insights help you see things from a different perspective. See how various charts from around the world are examples of the long-term effects of the cycles of Uranus with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. (34 pages | look inside) US$12.97 

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Grim Reaper meets the Lord of the Underworld - the story of Saturn and Pluto
Bob Marks digs deep in this insightful lecture. Leaving no stone unturned, he shows how these two planets can be linked to major events. The many charts illustrate the effects of Saturn and Pluto on the course of world history as well as the future development of the world.... Bob also demonstrates the effects of Saturn and Pluto in conjunction and in opposition. (42 pages | look inside) US$12.97

The Singleton in Astrology
Bob shows you how to recognize a singleton in the chart, the planet that stands out above all others. He uses a wide variety of charts from celebrities and other famous people to illustrate the technique. Now you can learn to find the one planet that funnels all of the energy of the horoscope. This is a quick way to get to the heart of a horoscope and an invaluable aid in any chart interpretation, especially your own! (38 pages | look inside) US$12.97

The Astrology of Harmonics
Are you looking for an advanced technique in astrology? Learn the system of harmonics! In this informative lecture, Bob teaches you how to calculate and use harmonics and get more information from a chart than ever before. Using the charts of famous people, he demonstrates how to interpret the stressful fourth harmonic, how to see talent in the fifth harmonic, how to find your inspiration in the seventh and your joy in your ninth harmonic.

Learn about your fantasy life in your eleventh harmonic and your sex life in your thirteenth harmonic. (41 pages | look inside) US$12.97

The Astrology of Solar Returns
Every year the sun returns to the position it had when you were born. It's called a solar return. Follow Bob's advice: if you don’t like what you see in that chart, you could travel to another location to improve the chart.

Bob gives several success stories of clients who traveled on their birthday. In each case he compares the precession-corrected solar return to the non-precessed chart. Let Bob entertain you as he shows you his techniques. (39 pages | look inside) US$7.95



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