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Welcome to the monthly astrological health guide, Health of the Nation. Using planetary transits, the high points of each day with significant activity follow below. The information is geared to the general public and includes helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combinations as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance. This page, just like the rest of this Web site, is subject to a disclaimer.

February 1: Mars square Pluto: This is an intense combination which can lead to stress-related ailments, nervous irritation and muscle-damage from pushing yourself too hard. Increasing intake of minerals such as magnesium and calcium is useful at this time. This is an infectious combination indicating a need to build up the immune system.

It can be beneficial at this time to increase foods high in iron such as apples, beets, raisins, spinach and apricots. Garlic and onions are useful in fighting infection. Males can experience prostate disorders and should increase foods high in zinc such as pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

February 2: Venus trine Uranus: This combination promotes emotional health. There is vitality and good cheer and a desire to socialize. This combination also promotes healthy kidney function.

February 3: Mercury sextile Jupiter: This is an idea period with optimism and new plans. Your positive attitude is an aid to good health. Venus enters Capricorn and remains there until around March 1. Skin can be more sensitive than usual. Dryness can occur. Black, red and white currants help treat skin disorders. Aloe Vera can be used as a gel, ointment or lotion for skin disorders. Dry skin can be helped by the use of a humidifier plus wheat germ oil or avocado oil to nourish the skin.

February 7: Sun sextile Jupiter: This is an optimistic combination adding vitality and good cheer. Resistance is up and there can be an improvement in a health disorder.

Mercury sextile Mars: This is a good combination giving you mental energy and vigor. It enhances the nervous and respiratory functions of the body. It aids the nervous system and gives good coordination. Muscle building exercises at this time would give you added stamina and endurance. Lentils are excellent muscle builders.

February 9: Mercury sextile Uranus: You can feel energized and mentally alert. Opportunities can arise to engage in a new health regimen that you learn about by attending a lecture or from current writing.

February 13: Mars conjunct Uranus: This is an exciting combination where you crave thrills and risk. But you can be prone to stress-related ailments such as headaches or hypertension. Peppermint tea has been known to dispel a headache. Garlic can bring down high-blood pressure but conditions such as hypertension should be evaluated by a doctor. You could also experience spasms or muscle cramps.

Arnica lotion or ointment is useful for muscle cramps or muscle spasm. You can be operating at a high-energy putting a strain on your nervous system. Drink chamomile tea during the day to dispel nervousness. There can be accidents around machinery or electrical appliances due to carelessness. Get rid of any dated appliances that could cause an electrical problem.

February 14: Mars enters Taurus and remains there until March 31: Highlights the senses. More sensitive to outside stimuli. This combination gives healthy sexual urges and is an aspect of fertility and can promote pregnancy. This combination can also indicate an acid/alkaline imbalance. Increase intake of green leafy vegetables.

February 17: Venus sextile Neptune: This combination brings a calmness to the disposition and a desire to escape reality. A day trip or taking in a movie or the theater is an aid to mental stability.

February 18: Sun sextile Uranus: This combination gives added vitality and aids the circulation of the body. There is also increased mental acuity. You may find yourself getting into an unusual health regimen. Venus conjunct Saturn: This combination can aid willpower and help you stick to a diet. There could be a weakness in the kidneys at this time. Asparagus is excellent for stimulating the kidneys.

Sun enters Pisces: Pisces is a sensitive, emotional sign which gives heightened intuition and increased creativity. Pisces rules the feet and immune system. It can be a good time to try herbal treatments, meditation, acupuncture, biofeedback and rhythmic exercises such as dancing and swimming. It can be a time for everyone to increase iron-rich foods.

February 19: Mercury conjunct Neptune: This can be a day of mental confusion leading to absent-mindedness and confused thoughts. You can also feel drained and need to protect yourself from negative energy emitted by people in your immediate environment. You can also be experiencing irrational fears. Protein rich foods are an aid to the memory.

The menthol in peppermint tea is a natural stimulant to the mind. You could also be encountering vision problems. This is a good time to have an eye checkup. A good day to begin a diet or a new health regimen. Will have discipline and determination.

Mercury sextile Saturn: This aspect confers mental clarity and concentration and tones down the previous aspect. Can help you to become more organized.

February 22: Mercury square Jupiter: This is an optimistic combination but there can be a tendency to overindulge in rich foods thus putting a strain on the liver. There can be adverse reactions to coffee, tea or colas causing headaches or dizziness.

Venus conjunct Pluto: Women may find hormonal action in the body leading to skin complaints. Tree tea oil used externally is an aid to skin disorders. For both sexes, there can also be excessive sexual activity during this time. Be sure to use proper precautions to avoid sexually transmitted disease.

February 23: Mercury sextile Pluto: This combination gives energy and endurance. There is the ability to positively transform a health disorder. This combination is an aid to the reproductive and eliminative systems.

February 27: Sun sextile Mars: This can be a day of accomplishment as you have energy and vigor. There is the discipline to work on difficult projects. You will have staying power and concentration.

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