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"[The Health-O-Scope] has some very interesting information, particularly
the part on potential
errors in medical diagnosis with mars sq. Neptune! ...this kind of information is very helpful to me. I like to get the most out of my visits to the doctors!"
Jean, USA


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The Health-O-Scope™... your personal astrological health forecast. The Health-O-Scope™ is a comprehensive six-month forecast focused on your health. It includes all inner and outer transits, progressions, directions and eclipses that are relevant to you in terms of health.  You will receive a comprehensive report that includes:

  • periods of increased stress and overwork;
  • days of lowered vitality and resistance
  • periods of high and low mental acuity;
  • accident prone days;
  • when to avoid surgery or new medications;
  • and much more.

Delivery of the Health-O-Scope™ is in Adobe PDF format. Your Health-O-Scope™ also comes in a convenient mp3 format for easy listening on your iPhone/iPad and any mp3 compatible player.
Price: U.S.$175

Your individualized report will start on the first day of the month following your order, unless you tell me otherwise. I will need your complete birthdate information, including date and time of birth and birthplace. Contact me if you want to purchase the Health-O-Scope™ as a gift.

Order now, and click on the "buy now" button below because you will receive many tips and insights that you have been missing.


For more information, email Diane Cramer at diane at dianecramer dot com.

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Disclaimer: The material presented on and linked to the Web site (the "Site") is for informational and entertainment purposes only and it does not replace nor is it to be used for the purpose of a medical diagnosis. Diane Cramer is not a licensed physician or medical doctor. For a medical diagnosis, see a licensed medical doctor or physician. All prices are in U.S. dollars and subject to change without prior notice.



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