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January 2019

Welcome to the monthly astrological health guide, Health of the Nation. Using planetary transits, the high points of each day with significant activity follow below. The information is geared to the general public and includes helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combinations as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance. This page, just like the rest of this Web site, is subject to a disclaimer.

January 2: Sun conjunct Saturn: This is a combination of endurance and strength. There is discipline and moderation making this a good time to start a diet. This combination also favors traditional health treatment over alternative or radical treatment. There can be some tendency to stiff joints. You benefit from yoga-type exercises and body massage.

January 4: Mercury trine Uranus: Your energy levels will be high. You can be more alert and mentally stimulated than usual. This could be a good day to try a new health therapy such as acupuncture or begin seeing a new doctor.

Sun sextile Neptune: This combination promotes healing. Water therapies are helpful at this items. A spiritual healing could occur at this time or you could benefit from a “hands-on” healer.

Mercury enters Capricorn: This gives mental stability and concentration. It can be easier to handle stress as the mind is more thoughtful and serious now.

January 8: Mercury square Mars: You will find yourself on the run experiencing nervous exhaustion from trying to do too many things at once. This can lead to insomnia. Chamomile tea and clove tea help soothe the nerves. You may experience an acid stomach or bowel irritation. Buttermilk is helpful for an acid stomach. Bananas are excellent for bowel irritation.

January 11: Sun conjunct Pluto: Sun Pluto combinations can sometimes mean you are pushing yourself to the limit and putting added stress and strain on your body leading to a proneness to stress-related illness or skin conditions such as eczema. Marigold or calendula lotion helps to heal painful lesions.

January 13: Mercury conjunct Saturn: A good day to begin a diet or a new health regimen. Will have discipline and determination. Mental concentration is also favored today. The following aspect can be more long term and can influence the discipline of Mercury Saturn.

Jupiter square Neptune: On the other hand digestion can be weak leading to poor absorption of nutrients. May want to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. The body can suffer with a lack of tone which can be helped by weight-lifting exercises. Bananas are an aid in muscle building.

January 14: Mercury sextile Neptune: This combination brings inspiration and a desire for spiritual activity. There can be a feeling of well-being.

January 18: Venus trine Mars: This aspect promotes balance in the body and healthy sexual urges. These are two sexual planets in a good relationship which aids fertility in both sexes.

Mercury conjunct Pluto: This combination normally gives mental intensity and compulsive activity. Nerves can become ragged. There is a need for calming herbs such as skullcap and valerian.

Sun square Uranus: This is erratic energy which can also cause ups and downs in your temperament according to changes in the barometer. There is a desire for the new and different which can lead to reckless activity. However, you need to avoid dangerous situations as you can be more accident-prone now. There can be circulatory disorders which can be helped by the herb Juniper.

January 20: Sun enters Aquarius: Aquarius is a mental sign ruled by the erratic planet Uranus. There can be mental agility, new ideas, and at the same time there can be nervousness and mental exhaustion. The tissue salt Mag Phos helps revitalize the brain and the nerves.

Venus square Neptune: Your metabolism can be upset or out of balance today. There can be weakened glandular function or swollen glands. You can be more sensitive to drugs today so use prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines with care. Ginseng helps energize the body and acts as a glandular balancer. There can be a weakness in the kidneys or bladder region. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water helps flush out the kidneys.

January 21: Mars square Saturn: You can feel out of sorts and out of tune with your daily cycles. You may feel lethargic and become easily frustrated. There can be energy blockages. Anger can interfere with elimination. You can also be subject to stiff muscles and rheumatic or arthritic-like complaints. There is also the danger of falls at this time. Both garlic and ginger are tonics for the whole body. Chicory aids rheumatic conditions and also has a laxative effect. Lavender oil can be used to relieve stiff muscles. Alfalfa can be used to treat arthritis.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This can be a day of energy fluctuation and mood swings. Lunar eclipses can lead to over emotionality and over reaction. There can be a need to drink more water. Lunar eclipses are transitory in nature and emotional in character and because it is also a full moon one can overreact. Be on guard for blood pressure swings. Keep stress low. Avoid heavy lifting to avoid back problems. One can be overdoing the pursuit of pleasure leading to illness from overindulgence.

January 22: Venus conjunct Jupiter: This is a happy combination but can result in excess or overindulgence leading to toxins in the body. Onions and garlic are excellent foods for ridding the body of toxins.

January 23: Mercury square Uranus: You can feel restless and nervous and find yourself easily stressed by the demands of other people. Stomach upset can result in flatulence which can be helped by fennel tea.

January 24: Mercury enters Aquarius: There is much mental stimulation. There is a proneness to muscle cramping, and pain in calves or legs. Arnica lotion or ointment is useful for muscle cramps or muscle spasm. Can be more high strung than usual. Bergamot tea is a relaxant and also aids sleep. Affected individuals can be more prone to circulatory disorders which can be helped by the herb Juniper.

January 25: Mars trine Jupiter: This combination gives health and vitality and the ability to resist disease. It also aids liver function. There is also improved muscle tone making it a good time to begin doing weight-bearing exercises. It is a good time for surgery.

January 29: Sun conjunct Mercury: A busy day with a lot of scurrying around and hectic activity resulting in nervousness and physical exhaustion. Can be overly subjective with a need to think things through. Work off nervous energy by taking a brisk walk or enjoying a cup of chamomile tea.

January 31: Saturn sextile Neptune: Can help you to be practical and idealistic. You enjoy eating natural foods and are able to maintain a balanced diet. You have patience and a spiritual outlook which aids your emotional well-being. If ill you may benefit from therapies that utilize music or color.

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