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MARCH 2019

Welcome to the monthly astrological health guide, Health of the Nation. Using planetary transits, the high points of each day with significant activity follow below. The information is geared to the general public and includes helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combinations as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance. This page, just like the rest of this Web site, is subject to a disclaimer.

March 1: Venus square Uranus: This combination can indicate nervous disorders resulting in an itchy skin disorder that breaks out on your arms and legs or a condition such as hives. Aloe vera can be used as a gel, ointment or lotion for skin disorders. You can be nervous and high strung as disruptive influences keep you off balance. Celery is good for the nerves as well as are citrus fruits, nut oils, and almonds. Can also be a craving for excitement.

Venus enters Aquarius and remains there until March 26: Can feel like a bolt of electricity. Can feel restless and crave excitement. There is vitality and good cheer. This is a helpful combination as it contributes to well-being and good circulation. Enjoying a variety of foods at this time is an aid to good health.

March 6: Sun conjunct Neptune: You may find yourself easily drained with less energy than usual. There can be eye problems. There can be misdiagnosis or a reaction to new medication. Garlic is a stimulant and ginseng can relieve exhaustion. Eyebright tea can be used as an eyewash. A compress of fennel seeds boiled in water can relieve eye inflammation. See your eye doctor for any serious eye disorders.

March 9: Sun sextile Saturn: This can be a day of accomplishment as you have energy and vigor. There is the discipline to work on difficult projects. You will have staying power and concentration.

March 10: Mars sextile Neptune: This is a benign combination which gives idealism and inspiration. It is a wonderful time to rest and relax and recharge your batteries. A vacation around water can be beneficial. So can engaging in swimming or soaking in an herbal bath. Natural health measures appeal to you now.

March 13: Sun sextile Pluto: This is a combination of regeneration and vitality. You can overcome illness and fight infection. There is both inner and outer strength.

At the same time with the next aspect: Sun square Jupiter: There can be a desire for rich food which puts a strain on the liver. You can find your appetite is increased and there can be sickness due to excess. Cholesterol levels can be high at this time. Chicory is an aid to liver impurities. Cucumber can help soothe the system. There are many remedies for lowering cholesterol such as increasing the intake of oats and flaxseed and cutting down on fried foods and dairy products.

March 14: Mars trine Saturn: This is a powerful combination as the vitality of Mars meshes with the endurance of Saturn. You will feel both mental and physical power. There is the ability to work long hours without suffering fatigue. Engaging in muscle building exercises is beneficial at this time. Corn is a muscle building food.

Sun conjunct Mercury: A busy day with a lot of hectic activity resulting in nervousness and physical exhaustion. You can be overly subjective with a tendency to jump to conclusions. Work off nervous energy by taking a brisk walk or enjoying a cup of chamomile tea.

March 15: Mercury square Jupiter: This is an optimistic but there can be a tendency to overindulgence. There can be adverse reactions to coffee, tea or colas causing headaches or dizziness.

March 16: Mercury sextile Pluto: This combination gives mental energy and intensity. You will be able to work on difficult projects without fatigue. You will also find that your mind is alert with good powers of concentration.

March 17: Mercury sextile Mars: There is the desire for enterprise and a feeling of vigor and vitality. Your mind is sharp and you have good retention. Muscle building exercises are favored today which will add to your stamina and endurance. Lentils are excellent muscle builders.

March 20: Mars trine Pluto: This combination gives vitality and endurance. You can positively transform a health problem. This combination also favors a healthy reproductive and eliminative system.

Mercury sextile Saturn: This aspect confers mental clarity and concentration. A good day to begin a diet or a new health regimen. Will have discipline and determination.

Sun enters Aries: Can feel more dynamic and energetic. The vitality can become stronger. Can be more self-confidence but can also be a misuse of energy. Impulsive behavior can lead to accidents. Accidents could occur on the head. Remains in a sign for a month.

March 21: Venus square Mars: This can be a difficult combination leading to skin complaints and an acid-alkaline imbalance in the body. Marigold lotion is helpful for skin complaints. The herb Calamus root evens out the acid balance in the body. Venus square Mars can also indicate sexual excesses so be sure to practice safe sex. The following aspect tones this aspect down.

Venus sextile Jupiter: Your ruler, pleasure-loving Venus, is in good aspect with expansive Jupiter. Can be overindulgence in food and drink and a reluctance to work.

March 24: Mercury conjunct Neptune: This can be a day of mental confusion leading to absent-mindedness and confused thoughts. You can also feel drained and need to protect yourself from negative energy emitted by people in your immediate environment. Protein rich foods are an aid to the memory. The menthol in peppermint tea is a natural stimulant to the mind.

March 26: Venus enters Pisces and remains there until April 17: Venus entering Pisces can be helpful in lifting the spirits and putting you in a spiritual or creative state of mind. Can sometimes cause the metabolism to be upset or out of balance. There can be weakened glandular function or swollen glands. You can be more sensitive to drugs so use prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines with care. Ginseng helps energize the body and acts as a glandular balancer.

March 27: Venus sextile Uranus: This is an excellent combination as it arouses the libido and gives a healthy attitude to love and sex. It is also an aid to the circulation of the body.

March 31: Mars enters Gemini and remains there until May 15: Can be an increase in mental energy. The mind is stimulated and you are more aggressive in expressing your ideas. Can be easily bored and will need a variety of mental activities. Can be mental overwork and excitability. Nerve irritability can lead to involuntary twitching and tics. A need to drink more water as will be increased thirst. Brazil nuts and the herb gotu kola are an aid to mental clarity.

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