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May 2019

Welcome to the monthly astrological health guide, Health of the Nation. Using planetary transits, the high points of each day with significant activity follow below. The information is geared to the general public and includes helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combinations as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance. This page, just like the rest of this Web site, is subject to a disclaimer.

May 1: Mercury sextile Mars: This is a resourceful combination giving mental stamina and clarity. This combination also favors weight-bearing exercises which will give added stamina and help build up muscles.

Mercury square Saturn: At the same time This can be a day of intense mental work and concentration leading to mental strain. For those not allergic to pollen, bee pollen is known to restore energy. Parsnips are considered energy-giving foods. Mercury Saturn is often related to a lack of healthy bacterial flora in the body that can be remedied by cultured products such as yogurt, kefir or buttermilk.

May 2: Mercury square Pluto: This is a mentally intense combination. Your nerves can be ragged and you are easily ruffled. Foods such as almonds, apples and strawberries aid the nervous system. The glandular system can be off possibly caused by pushing yourself too hard. Ginseng is known to help balance the action of the glands.

Mercury trine Jupiter: This is an optimistic combination which aids the mind and promotes healthy liver function. You are able to use good common sense in diet and exercise. It favors the use of a traditional health therapy over an alternative or radical therapy.

May 5: Mars opposite Jupiter: Though this can be an optimistic time, there is a tendency to excess. Eating overly rich and fatty foods can put a strain on the liver. Foods such as apples, carrots, zucchini, goat’s milk and raw and unsalted nuts and seeds are an aid to the liver. There is a tendency to push yourself too hard resulting in muscle injury. A compress containing eucalyptus is helpful for muscle pain.

May 6: Mercury enters Taurus and remains until June 4: Mental processes become more deliberate. A need to guard against mental rigidity. This combination can affect the throat and speech. Avoid chills as this could lead to a sore throat or laryngitis. Sage tea is excellent for sore throats. Also can be a tendency toward a stiff neck. Massage would be helpful.

May 7: Venus square Saturn: Your kidneys are vulnerable now and may not be working up to par. Asparagus is excellent for stimulating the kidneys. Women may experience an under functioning of the female glands. Red raspberry leaf is an excellent herb for women. You could also experience dry skin at this time. Calendula lotion can be useful to treat skin disorders.

May 8: Mercury conjunct Uranus: This combination stimulates your mental processes but at the same time can make you high strung and nervous. You need periods of low stimulus as you may be running on nervous energy. Engaging in physical exercise will alleviate nervous behavior.

Sun sextile Neptune: This is a day of healing both mentally and physically. You also benefit from outdoor exercise or water therapies such as swimming or a warm bath. Natural health measures appeal to you now.

May 9: Venus trine Jupiter: This can be a fun time making it hard to concentrate as there is a desire for ease and pleasure. There can be some overindulgence in food and drink leading to stomach upset. The homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica can relieve an upset stomach.

Venus square Pluto: This combination can lead to sexual excess. Be sure to use proper precautions to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. There can be excessive glandular secretions leading to skin complaints. Tree tea oil used externally is an aid to skin disorders as is calendula lotion. You can have a difficulty metabolizing sugar at this time so should keep intake of sweets low.

May 11: Sun trine Saturn: This combination gives endurance and stability. You will have discipline and a stick-to-illness approach to projects. This is a good day to begin a diet as you will have the willpower needed to stay with it. There is willpower – to stop smoking, to start exercising.

May 13: Sun trine Pluto: This can be a time of vitality and improved health. There can be recuperation from illness and added toughness to the body constitution. You are able to transform your body in a positive way.

May 14: Venus sextile Mars: This combination gives healthy sexual urges and promotes healthy kidney action. This is an aspect of fertility and can promote pregnancy. This combination can also indicate an acid/alkaline imbalance. Increase intake of green leafy vegetables.

May 15: Venus enters Taurus and remains until June 8: Generally, considered a pleasant placement for Venus. Can be a desire to give and receive pleasure. Negatively, overindulgence of all kinds can be an issue.

Mercury sextile Neptune: This combination aids the imagination and gives a sense of well-being and security which is an aid to good health. You are able to see yourself with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Mars enters Cancer and remains there until July 1: Mars in Cancer can indicate emotional volatility. This can lead to stomach upset. Peppermint/spearmint teas are good for stomach disorders. There can sometime be instances of minor surgery.

May 16: Mercury trine Saturn: This combination gives emotional stability and stamina. A good day to work on a difficult project.

May 18: Mercury trine Pluto: This combination aids psychological health and gives strength and stamina. You are able to function well under pressure and can complete any difficult mental project.

Venus conjunct Uranus: You can find yourself nervous and high strung leading to skin eruptions which can be relieved by calendula lotion. The body can be over acidic, and there is a potential for a sudden throat disorder. Sage tea or sage infused steam is helpful to the throat. Raspberries and strawberries help neutralize acid in the body.

May 21: Sun enters Gemini until June 21: This brings stimulation to the mental processes and nervous system. The nervous system is more sensitive to external influences. You need to take frequent breaks as constant stimuli can lead to headaches or spasm. Essence of rosemary rubbed on your forehead, temples and behind your ears can relieve a headache. Peppermint tea helps relieve muscle spasm.

Mercury enters Gemini until June 4: Mercury in Gemini gives a desire for diversity and mental activity. The lungs are vulnerable so get plenty of fresh air and avoid smoking. There is some tendency to nervousness so work off nervous energy by taking a brisk walk or add a few drops of valerian tincture to water and drink. Valerian herb should be used in moderation. Foods such as almonds, apples and strawberries aid the nervous system. The arms and shoulders are vulnerable and should be protected in sports activity.

Sun conjunct Mercury: A busy day with a lot of scurrying around and hectic activity resulting in nervousness and physical exhaustion. Can be overly subjective with a need to think things through. Work off nervous energy by taking a brisk walk or enjoying a cup of chamomile tea.

May 22: Mars sextile Uranus: You will find that you have more drive and energy than usual. There can be a craving for excitement which should be channeled into physical activity. New and advanced forms of treatment can be utilized now to relieve a health condition.

May 29: Mercury square Neptune: You may find that during this period you are not as alert as usual. You can have problems remembering things. Eating Brazil nuts helps to restore mental energy. Effective herbs for the memory include goto kola, fo ti, periwinkle and ginseng. This can also be a period of anxiety and worry. Edible mushrooms are known to relieve tension. You can experience irrational fears today or weak nerves. Constant worry can undermine your health. You need to practice positive thinking. Valerian tea helps to reduce nervous attacks. The herb rosemary is said to sharpen the memory.

May 30: Venus sextile Neptune: This is a benign combination lifting the spirits and putting you in a spiritual or creative state of mind. A good day for leisure activity.

Mercury opposite Jupiter: This can be another indulgent combination where overindulgence in rich foods puts a strain on the pancreas. There can be allergic reactions to food additives. Disorders such as sciatica can be experienced at this time. The pancreas benefits from raw foods and digestive enzymes. Garlic and seaweed foods can be effective for sciatica.

May 31: Venus trine Saturn: This combination promotes good health and emotional control. There is the discipline to stay on a diet, exercise and conserve energy.

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